Top Memobrick Ideas For Game Night

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Discover the top 3 options for your next Memobrick to surprise friends and family on game night Turn your favorite pictures into Brick Mosaic

Game night is a fun tradition many families and friend groups have, and if you’re still late to the trend don’t worry, this article will give you plenty of reasons and ideas to start implementing it during your week or go full out on weekends.


game night ideas for father and sons

Furthermore, depending on the image you choose (yours or others) you can later turn this art piece into a permanent reminder of something and even a way to market your business. Memobrick has a sole mission to deliver fun and joy to every person, whether they assemble the boards alone or accompanied. It is also great for Lego lovers that want to take on a new challenge.



If you are curious about Memobrick’s approach to this, here are the top 3 board ideas for your next game night get-together with the help of unique and never-seen Puzzles, including some classics, famous and unique image options you should highly take a look at.



1. TV Show

If you and your family have a favorite TV show you can now turn their signature image into a brick mosaic. By uploading your desired picture and selecting an appropriate size for your convenience, you can have a unique and fun Memobrick board in no time.


This is great for game night and any other social gathering you have. You can even host a small competition night with your friends where each has their own pic to brick board with their favorite TV show or movie poster and the one that assembles their first wins! Now, this is a guaranteed night of fun for sure. If you want to take this a step further, order random movie or TV show images and get together with friends or family to assemble it, but don’t tell anyone where the image is from, play to guess while assembling as fast as you can.


Not only will you have a fantastic and unique experience turning your Picture to Brick Mosaic, but you can turn this into a mini tradition if you want. Once a week or month order a new board and make your game night a complete event with friends or family, even better, both combined.


 Dragon Ball

2. Famous Painting

Art lovers will be thrilled to read about this brick mosaic idea. Turn your favorite art piece, yours or a famous painters’, into a never-seen puzzle made of small bricks our Building Blocks. It’s like Legos but more personalized and fun. 


What’s more, you can turn your beloved landscape pictures into a fun board and later-turned-into-wall-art-piece too. This is also a great way to show your artistic traits and portfolio around your house, studio, or office. A very original resource to have around and people will surely ask you something about this.


Furthermore, if you like to have game nights during the week or weekend you can get together with your friends and family and each can bring their own favorite painting or image to assemble, or as a competition between all. A great and fun idea is to decide with a few friends or family members to each purchase a Memobrick with a special and loved picture and then swap it with a relative and try to guess what it is while assembling your Picture Brick Mosaic as fast as possible.


sunset lego picture


3. Cool Pre-Made Images

Those who have a hard time deciding which image to turn into a magnificent Memobrick mosaic will be thrilled to know about the cool pre-made image options available on the website. From beautiful Marilyn Monroe pop art, palm sunsets, and mandalas, to abstract art, flowers, and dogs, Memobrick’s art gallery has an option for every taste.


These are great if you want to add a nice and neutral art piece to your home or office but that will stand out in the room. They are easy but fun to assemble and add a unique touch to every place. What’s more, pre-made designs are faster to produce so your order will arrive sooner, guaranteeing a day full of laughter, joy, and art. They are also a bit cheaper so you can order regularly and establish a specific day for your game night fun.


Premade Memobrick mosaic images have different sizes to choose from, which is great for those who want bigger or smaller pieces (or want to spend more or less time assembling them). Prices are very affordable compared to other art pieces and the fun and happiness you get while joining all the pieces together.

 dog mosaic


The Bottom Line

Spending time with friends and family is great, especially if you like board games and Legos because Memobrick is a combination of both. The mosaics are also great for single-assembly for those who want to have a personal activity to do in a quiet and tranquil space.


You can choose cool premade designs from the Memobrick art gallery collection or upload your own image and turn your beloved pictures into a never-seen brick mosaic. Child pictures, famous paintings, your favorite actor/actress, or your current Netflix show can all be converted into a fun game night board and later be added to your home as a unique decoration. What’s more, if you like to give incredible things to friends and family, you can give them a special Memobrick gift card and let them choose their favorite next board. 


Not only do these mosaics can be used for spending time with others or as great home decoration, but as a distinctive portfolio display or company promotion. You can purchase individual alphabet letters and numbers for your plain brick mosaic and display your business’ name, contact information, and services offered. What an incredible and truly unique way to attract clients.


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